With 20 years’ experience, Fenton Green is the trusted Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Insurance provider - with a tailored range of solutions to meet your needs.

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Protect your business as you grow - with our innovative solutions

At Fenton Green, we offer you insurance solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and designed to meet your requirements.
The range of personalised insurance offerings by Fenton Green have been developed exclusively for our AUSIT members. With a goal of offering specialist advice that supports and protects your growing business.

It’s important to receive the right advice from highly reputable advisers who truly listen and understand you.

As the only endorsed insurance broker of the AUSIT, our expertise and dedicated customer service means our clients receive the greatest protection the industry has to offer.

Fast quotes and flexible, best-in-market policies.

Have something specific to add to your policy? Just let us know and we can negotiate to adjust the policy accordingly.

Fenton Green is the only endorsed broker for the AUSIT

Tailored products to meet your business needs
Policies which meet all the requirements of the AUSIT Insurance requirement
An unparalleled understanding of interpreters and translators risk profiles
Education & risk management

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AUSIT Members Professional Indemnity Insurance
Avoid costly legal action and settlement payouts with our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, designed to safeguard you and your business.

This policy meets the standards required by the AUSIT and is tailored to services provided by members and can include both interpreting and translation. We can also offer cover if you provide language teaching in addition to your interpreting or translation work.
Not a member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT), we can still assist with a quote:
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AUSIT Members Cyber Liability Insurance
Cyber is becoming a significant business risk and the expectations on business to keep data protected have never been higher. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the documentation that interpreters and translators hold for their clients. This makes your firm a prime target of cyber hackers.

Protect yourself from computer viruses, ransom demands, and public relation expenses with our a cyber offering. Fenton Green has partnered with Agile Underwriting to provide a cyber liability insurance offering for members of the AUSIT.
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AUSIT Members Business Insurance
Business Insurance protects your practice’s business assets so that if the business has a Business Insurance protects your practice and its assets in the event of an unexpected loss. Business insurance assists in getting your operation back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our small business insurance package has a number of different covers you can select to protect your interpreter and translation practice. For more information and to obtain a quotation, click the button below.
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Offering more than insurance.

We believe having the best financial security involves more than just a policy. It’s also about getting the right advice and support along the way. Get a quote, now.

Protect your business as you grow - with our innovative solutions

With a genuine focus on providing honest and expert advice, Fenton Green designs an insurance program that protects you and your business. And it’s not just a policy you receive when you partner with us.

We value our relationships with our clients - and take the time to understand your risks.

We offer unparalleled advice to protect the day-to-day threats your business faces, through an insurance policy that is designed just for you.

Receive a response within 24 hours.

Whether you need a quote, have questions, or require specific advice, we’re here for you.