Statutory Review Cover

You asked for it, and we are proud to say that Fenton Green and CPA Australia have an affordable solution.

We all know tax audits/reviews have the potential to damage great working relationships.

You either get beaten up because your clients demand reduced fees for the audit or you’re blamed for not being able to prevent the audit from happening in the first place.
We’ve got a win-win solution for you and your clients

Fenton Green together with CPA Australia have developed a tax audit insurance service that protects your clients.

Statutory Review Cover gives your practice the competitive service that keeps your client relationships healthy. We take the anxiety and pressure out of the tax audit/review process by providing a safety net for both you and your clients.

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Finally, the win-win solution is here

You’re in an accounting firm who wants to offer the best value for your clients!
Our revolutionary new cover will make your client relationship more profitable.
Protect the most important thing to your practice: client relationships. Nobody likes being the target of an audit/review - but we’ll be ready for you and your clients if and when it happens. We can help take the pressure off.We know you are busy, so we will keep this snappy. Here are our top reasons why you need to speak to us today

Protects the most important thing to any practice, client relationships

It relieves the stress from both the clients and the practice knowing the cost is covered with one simple master policy

Provide the right time and attention to the audit/review, because you know your fees are covered and there are no budget constraints

Prompt payments of fees incurred are settled to the accountant by the insurer. No chasing invoices

The price point is fair and reasonable. No worries around recouping the cost via client fees. Speak to us about how you can market this as an add-value experience to your clients

Reduces potential risk for fee disputes as a result of work undertaken to respond to the audit.

Add-value to your client experience

Book in a call with one of our experts for a 20 minute video call to show you  how you can use Statutory Review Cover as a powerful add-value marketing initiative, that helps you retain clients, increase your fees, makes them feel safe, and open the lines of communication around the risk of Statutory Reviews, and what they can do to be better operators.

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Some stats for you…

In 2018, the ATO undertook 762,000 ‘compliance activities,’ which raised close to an extra billion tax dollars for the Australian Government. 1

There are more than 280 tax audits of private groups and high-wealth individuals under way.2

ATO data-matching is more sophisticated than ever, making it better equipped to review all financial transactions and expense claims.


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