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CPA Australia Members Professional Indemnity Insurance

A policy arranged through QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited exclusively for CPA Australia members has been formulated to ensure it meets the standards required by CPA Australia for members in public practice, including the requirements of the Professional Standards Act, Tax Practitioner Board, Insolvency Practitioners, Auditors and the By-Laws of CPA Australia.

Some of the policy features and benefits of the cover are:

Court Attendance Costs:

Reimbursement of up to $500 per day for directors or principals if legally required to attend a civil proceeding as a witness in a claim covered by the policy. Costs of up to $250 per day will be covered for any employee for the same requirement.

Employment Practices Liability:

Indemnity of up to $300,000 in respect of all claims brought by employees for any actual or alleged employment practice wrongful act.


Coverage for loss of money, negotiable instruments, bearer bonds or coupons, stamps belonging to you or for which you are legally liable sustained in consequence of a dishonest or fraudulent act or omission. A limit of $500,000 applies for all losses under this feature.

Fines and Penalties:

Indemnity of up to $1,000,000 for a penalty imposed by a regulatory body arising from a breach of any occupational health and safety or environmental legislation.

Loss of Documents (not involving a third party claim):

Indemnity in respect of loss of any documents (including but not limited to your documents), for which you are legally responsible that have been unintentionally destroyed, damaged or lost in the conduct of your profession.

Newly Created or Acquired Subsidiaries:

Newly created or acquired subsidiaries covered in respect of claims made and arising from acts, errors or omissions occurring after the date of creation or acquisition.

Outgoing Principals and Employees:

Former partners, principals, directors and employees are covered for claims arising from work performed whilst with the Insured.

Run-Off Cover:

Run-Off cover is required for any practice that has ceased doing business or closed. Please contact us to ensure ongoing cover is in place.

Public Relations Expenses:

The policy provides an amount of up to $50,000 during the policy period in the event that you retain the services of a public relations firm to protect your reputation as a direct result of a claim under the policy.


Where more than one party is insured, coverage for an innocent party will not be prejudiced due to another party's failure to meet its duty of disclosure under the Insurance Contracts Act or making a misrepresentation to the insurer.

Official Investigations and Investigations and Enquiries – Costs and Expenses:

The policy provides an amount of $250,000 during the policy period for costs and expenses associated with an investigation conducted by a regulatory authority (other than a parliament) or disciplinary committee of a professional body.

CPA Australia Members Cyber Insurance – Optional

CPA Australia members are able to extend their Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover claims that may arise from the negligent transmission of a computer virus, repair or replacement of the affected part of a member’s website or computer system, ransom demands and public relations expenses to mitigate damage to reputation. Cover also extends to include Cyber Business Interruption.

CPA Australia Members wanting to avail themselves of this cover will have the option to take it out when obtaining their Professional Indemnity insurance.


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pdf 2016 CPA Australia PII Scheme Brochure
pdf 2018 CPA Australia PII Comparison Checklist

If you require any assistance determining the extent of cover provided by an existing policy or you have questions in relation to any other products that may suit your needs, please contact us on 1300 760 123.

CPA Australia Members Mini Policy

For those CPA Australia members who perform private and/or honorary services, Fenton Green & co has arranged a specific Professional Indemnity insurance policy. This Mini Policy is placed with QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited.

The Mini Policy provides limited cover only and is specifically for private/honorary work. CPA Australia members should consider the following aspects of the policy before taking out the cover.

The Mini Policy does not provide cover if you:

promote your business to the public, or generate more than $10,000 in a year, or hold a Public Practice Certificate or a Limited Public Practice Certificate or are operating a Public Practice, or require run-off for any work done in a Public Practice

undertake any of the following activities:

auditing of any publicly listed company; or receivership, insolvency and/or reconstruction services for any company; or business valuations of any company; or financial planning or dealing in securities; or professional services in connection with the merger and/or acquisition of any publicly listed company; or any work undertaken on behalf of a publicly listed company.

The Mini Policy is issued to CPA Australia to cover members who meet the eligibility criteria and who apply for the cover. The policy expires on 28 February of every year. If a member’s Mini Policy application is approved, cover will only commence upon receipt of the premium payment. Members are able to take up cover at any time throughout the policy period, however, their policy will always expire on 28 February of that year. There is no pro-rata premium consideration for members to take up cover within the current policy period.

The Mini Policy will only provide $500,000 cover for any one claim. The policy has an aggregate limit of $20,000,000 for the total of all claims made against all insured members - once that limit is exhausted the Mini Policy will cease to provide any further protection to any member.

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pdf CPA Mini Policy

CPA Australia Members Pro-Bono Policy

Fenton Green & co has arranged a policy for CPA Australia which is designed to cover CPA Australia members for claims that may arise as a result of the provision of pro-bono and/or voluntary accounting work done for community based organisations.

All members are automatically covered under CPA Australia’s global professional insurance policy, which provides complimentary professional indemnity (PI) insurance to any member performing pro bono or voluntary accounting services to the community. You do not need to opt-in to receive the benefit of the cover.